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Basically there are two types of plants: solar arrays and photo-voltaic systems.

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Solar arrays transform solar energy into heat. The heated water could be saved as hot water or could be used to heat. Solar arrays have a high effectiveness, but they produce way more warm water in summer than in winter, although you have less demand in summer.

Solar array

Produces hot water and could be also used to heat.

Photo-voltaic systems convert solar energy to electricity. This electricity could be added the the home electricity network. Photo-voltaic systems have a lower effectiveness than solar arrays. The advantage of photo-voltaic system is, that it also produces electricity in winter without sunshine. Furthermore you can sell the produced electricity to local electricity suppliers.

Photo-voltaic system

Generates electricity and could be used to heat.

The costs and the gain depends on the size of the plant.

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6m2 Solaranlage

Small plant

a small plant consists of 6m² collector surface.

15m2 Solaranlage

Big Plant

a big plant consists of 15m² collector surface.

The percentage of home energy which a plant covers, depends on the number of persons per household.

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savings per year

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With the purchase of a solar array you could save approximately 0 € per year.

Oberösterreich, to increase the number of alternative energy plants built in 2014!